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Using WCS on G-POD

Web Converage Services serve access to EO data using a different paradigm from the traditional product search. How could the use of WCS affect G-Pod?

As WCS is under evolution, here, for simplicity will consider it simply as a service able to answer geospatial queries with an array of EO observations (pixels) and related metada.

The G-POD typical HMI for a service where the user:
1- Defines a geospatial query
2- Obtains the list of products satisfying the query
3- Selects those products to be processed
4- Launches the processing

can be replaced by:
1- Defines a geospatial query
2- Obtains a raster product (could be visialized as a density map)
3- Applies a filter/mask to the pixels
4- Launches the processing

In turn, this kind of interaction could be supported by delegating the resolution of the query to the WCS or resolving the query in the G-Pod catalogue. The latter would require to address the representation of coverages in the G-POD catalogue; hence a signficant extension to it.

Similar consideration should be made regarding the usage of "coverages" as outputs of G-POD processing.

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