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Questions from IIMCG #18




IIMCG role in identification of requirements and methods deriving from needs of applications / services, capabilities of constellations, forthcoming technology, etc.

EC Projects

Implement a Network of Excellence (if accepted, effects after a few years).
Ongoing, possible FP-7 Projects.
Possible FP-8 Projects.

GSTP Projects

Possible funding within 1 - 2 MEuro / year.
Single project (coordinator?) or constellation of projects (how to ensure coordination? Through the white paper?)?


How will coordination be ensured? Shall the IIMCG issue guidelines? How will the guidelines be adhered to within the various projects?
Should the IIMCG issue a white paper in any case (vision based on summary of past)?

How could Sentinels be supported?
How could groups related to Sentinels be involved?


Conferences / events

Parallel conferences for IIM and Multitemp (or other like IGARSS 2012): same place, location and timing, with some common event (e.g.: opening, posters, conclusions).
Dedicated wiki / forum e.g.: for preparation and post discussion?
Special workshops with invited speakers with following summer school?


How best to reach potential partners, scientists, users?
How to involve them?
Publications and special issues?
Organisation of a contest (linked to IIMvLab)?

Provision of infrastructure

Who can make available infrastructure (to be operated) and processors (to be fully described also in terms of quality)?
Shared wiki / forum?
How to coordinate infrastructure use?
Enlarge IIMvLab content and use?

Provision of data

Who can make available data for scientific support?
How to organise shared access?


Who can provide training on what?

Provision of support

Who can support (and to what extent) on the use of the resources made available?

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