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Connect a checkbox with the WebMapViewer

Hi Steven,

We have the following use case:

an SSE Service with only Order Operation,
the user has to select one or more order options like a check list (DDS Receiving Station).

It is possible to have a layer loaded in the WebMapViewer service configuration, which highlight an area associated to the selected checkbox?

Thanks in advance

Re: Connect a checkbox with the WebMapViewer

Thanks Steven!

Re: Connect a checkbox with the WebMapViewer


This is possible by calling the addlayer API function that is futher explained on the WebMapViewer Javascript API page

You could use this function with WMS or WFS. With WFS you could use a query string to select out of the features within your FeatureType the appropriate area.

With WMS it is probably quickest to have one WMS Layers per area.

For WMS you could also use the updateWMSURL function. The difference with the addLayer function is that layers added in this manner will not be added to the layer manager.

Best regards

Re: Re: Connect a checkbox with the WebMapViewer

Hi Steven Thanks a lot with these function I can "play" with service result and the MapViewer.

One additional question I'm tring to upload in an order page a serviceresult file when the page is loadedusing window.parent.frameViewer.updateFeatures(null,null,,null,0,0,0,0);

when I try to call a function using the window.parent.frameViewer.onload and
frameViewer.onload but
I get the following errors "window.parent.frameViewer is undefined"
"frameViewer is undefined"

any suggestion?

The original document is available at