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OGC 06-131r6 & OGC 06-141


Could you please explan which services should be used together to provide catalogue with ordering feature?

We've implemented EOLI service some time ago, but for now it seems to be outdated. If I not mistaken, state of the art interfaces are OGC (draft or approved) standards which are developed within HMA project? Correct me, if not.

We've tried to implement OGC 06-141 for data order but eventualy it appeared to be not compatible with EOLI (due to some SSE Portal issues). So, we've decided to implement modern interfaces both for catalogue and ordering.

06-131r6 looks like perfect choice for catalogue, being approved as OGC standart recently. Infortunately, I was unable to register one together with OGC 06-141. It looks like a bug: when I try to add 06-141 to 06-131r6 Portal "forgets" that I've registred last one. Also, it becomes disabled in the list of the interfaces available when I go there next time.

The exact interfaces I mean are:

v0.2.4, EO Products Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Application Profile

Order Interface: OGC 06-141 v1.0.4 Draft, Ordering Services for Earth Observation Products

The other facet of the problem is the SSE Toolbox DE. Some test requests for OGC 06-141 are invalid. While 06-131r6 isn't supported by TDE at all. Browsing the installation folder I've discovered templates and the stuff for more interfaces. They don't appear in the Toolbox for some reason.

We would be thankful for any information that could make things clear. Thanks for reading this anyway :-)

Ilya Nedoluzhko

Re: OGC 06-131r6 & OGC 06-141

Dear Ilya,
The OGC 06-131r6 still has no compatible order interface, we will disable the order interfaces when OGC 06-131r6 is selected for catalogue to avoid the confusion.

My apologies for the late answer.

Best regards,

Re: OGC 06-131r6 & OGC 06-141

Dear Ilya,
I believe you are correct, there seams to be some misconfiguration of the chaining that results in that when selecting the 06-131r6 there is no ordering interface available. I will investigate this issue.
For ordering, I would not use OGC 06-141 just yet, the interface implementation is still partial, there are some unsupported options. Possibly by the end of this month there will be an update on the support for this interface, although it will still not support every feature defined it will be fairly usable.
Currently maybe the best option is to use OGC 06-131r3 with the SSE ordering interface, although like I said I will investigate on the OGC 06-131r6 issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Regarding the toolbox, if you want to use it with a non-supported interface you can select "No interface" when defining a service, add the operations for the interface of your choice, and create the scripts; the setback is that you loose the validation feature and you'll need to create the WSDL to provide the SSE. Tip: Select the most similar interface on the Toolbox so that it generates the WSDL, by doing this you get a "baseline" and you do not need to generate the WSDL from scratch.
The new Toolbox 8.0 that is just being released (I do not have the exact date) supports OGC 06-131r6.

Best regards,

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