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Dear SSE Operations Team,

we are having problems to use the "Skip Confirmation Page" option at the "Step 2: Operations Configuration" of the service registration. We registered complete new services e.g. "" but the confirmation page is always shown. The option works for a newly registered service at the test portal "" but neither for new services at the operational portal or for old re-configured services at the test portal.

Thanks for your help,

Re: Skip Confirmation Page

Hello again Stephan.

I can reproduce the fact that the option does not work as expected but I cannot reproduce the fact that it works for a newly registered service at the Test Portal.

I created two new services, one in each Portal, using the same interface files and workflows as the services you pointed to, registered them with a Custom SSE Order asynchronous interface, and in both cases I still get the confirmation page.

I did confirm that the service you point to on the test portal does not show the confirmation page but I don't understand how that may have been possible. Are you sure it is a brand new registered service? Could you try to do it again on the Test Portal (it's possible that one of the latest patches changed the behavior and this will only be visible by creating a new service)?

If you manage to register a brand new service on the Test Portal using the custom SSE asynchronous Order interface, that does not show the confirmation page (i.e. skips it), could you let us know the exact steps you made on the Registration Wizard?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Re: Skip Confirmation Page

Hi Paulo,

you are right, I can't reproduce the behavior of skipping the confirmation page with registering a new service. I've no idea why it works for the one mentioned service.

Do I understand it correctly, that the functionality is not yet implemented?


Re: Re: Re: Skip Confirmation Page

The first issue can be:

- that it's not a brand new registered service
- that it was registered with a different version of the SSE (in particular Service Registration Wizard interfaces)
- that it was first registered as an SSE default order and then changed to custom SSE order

Which leads us to the second issue. I think that this is implemented for certain interfaces but not for others. In particular, it seems to work with default interfaces and not custom.

There's no reason for that (at least I don't see it), so this is probably a bug. We will report it and let you know.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Skip Confirmation Page

Hi Paulo,

based on your points I had a suspicion which turns out to be correct: If I first configure a service with SSE default order and then change it to SSE custom order the confirmation page is skipped.

Should we use this workaround on the operational portal or better wait for a clean solution?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Skip Confirmation Page

Yes, that's not surprising. We use a similar workaround to have access to the stylesheets of Default EOLI Search catalogues (i.e. we change to Custom interface, even if the "interface" is still Default). The problem with that (for the search) is that then it's not trivial to go back without losing changes (for the order it's not really a problem because the only difference is the workflow).

You can use the workaround while you wait for the definite solution. When it arrives it should not require any change on your side and should work seamlessly, even if you update the service.


Re: Skip Confirmation Page

Hi Stephan.

The fact that you get this behavior on the Operational Portal needs to be investigated in fact.

The fact that it doesn't work for re-configured services on the Test Portal could be because your re-configuration does not involve a re-compilation of the service workflows. There are many bug fixes and features that will only be in use when the workflows are recompiled (even if this particular option is not related to the workflow in any way). Otherwise, that also needs to be checked (although you have the workaround of creating another service).


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