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Necessary changes to SSE service stylesheets due to 2009/2010 year change

With the arrival of the year 2010, a limitation of the SSE affecting services using the Default EOLI Catalogue Search interface surfaced. This limitation has been quickly addressed and all Default EOLI Catalogue Search services now use a more user-friendly date selector consisting of a pop-up calendar.

Because this interface does not give Service Providers access to their service stylesheets, affected stylesheets were amended accordingly. However, we have noticed that a few services which are not using this interface and for which Service Providers do have access to the respective stylesheets, are suffering from the same problem (only dates up until 31/12/2009 can be selected). These Service Providers are invited to correct this problem on their services as soon as possible.

Although a simple way of addressing the problem is to add more years to the drop-down list allowing selection of the year, a better solution, especially in the long term, is to add a calendar as the selector. If you are a Service Provider and are interested in implementing this, please contact us for instructions. These are not complex in most cases and greatly simplify the stylesheet.

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SSE Operations Team

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