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WFS Layer Visibility

Dear WMV Team,

we encountered a strange behavior with WFS layers. When we configure the WMV to include some WFS layers that are invisible on the map they are turned back visible automagically. Additionally this causes the WMV to hang for some time (up to a minute) until finishing to load.

Any thoughts what we are misunderstanding or doing wrong ?


Re: WFS Layer Visibility


This is not foreseen. The WebMapViewer will allways use HTTP POST for GetFeature requests.

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Re: WFS Layer Visibility

Hi Stephan,

Via the test portal, I have set your WFS layers to hidden in the configurator. When I afterwards start the Viewer the WFS layers are indeed hidden. So unable to reproduce this problem but perhaps you are meaning something else?

The fact that it is slow in starting up is caused that if you are using WFS without any default query criteria, you will retrieve up to 1000 features per WFS layers encoded in GML which is verbose and hence quite slow.
Some of the measures you can take are

1) Compress GML output
2) Hide layers at startup or choose not “to show features at startup�
3) Create custom stylesheets using the stylesheet wizard and assign default values to query criteria
4) Use SLD-WMS (by far the fastest way)

Also note that none of your 4 WFS layers seems to expose a geometry field, so it is impossible to render these features on to the map. The SOSI-CLC2000-H-V does not expose any attributes at all (except the id) so there is no value in exposing this as WFS as also the attribute table will be empty.

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Re: Re: WFS Layer Visibility

Hi WMV Team,

thanks for the answer.

Following up this thread I'd like to ask if the WMV can be configured to issue GetFeature requests via GET rather than POST?


The original document is available at