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Unable to define a disconnected AOI limitation

The following problem has been encountered:

I want to define a service with a AOI limitation with two (or more) disconnected areas (e.g. Spain and India).

Her the steps:

* define on the Wizard an AOI like two squares,
* save it ,
* click on load: only one rectangle which includes both areas is showed.

how can I define an AOI limitation like this?



Re: Unable to define a disconnected AOI limitation


There is indeed only one AOI Limitation that gets calculated as the bounding box of the AOI features that were drawn.
There currently is no way to define an AOI limitation consisting of multiple polygons.

What you could do perhaps is:
- visually indicate the permissible extent by providing a "Mask" WMS layer that greys out all of the areas that should not be selected
- play with the AOI size limitation
- Work with predefined AOI regions so that the user can only select those preconfigured polygons.

Best regards

Re: Re: Unable to define a disconnected AOI limitation

Thanks for your replay!

I think that the solution you propose :

- layer mask
- predefined AOI regions (ICD 7.6)
- Maximum number of items
- right combination of buttons

allows a definition of the service.

Thanks again
1 L double S :-)

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