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WFS browsing and custom SLD

Hi all,
we need to apply an SLD (with ogc:Filter rules for some Property ) to a "generic" WFS layer with a custom search form. (I need different shapes for different values of the "algorithm" property)

In this thread you talk about SLD applied to WFS ServiceResults but that is not our case because we do not provide service results (so we don't have attribute fields) but we provide direct WFS browsing in a service order page.
I tried anyway to use that information with the procedure specified here and, as expected, only "All" and "Selected" rules without filter was applied.
Our WFS does not return attribute tags so I have to use the ogc:Filter over arbitrary WFS Properties.

I tried also to associate the SLD to our WFS on geoserver (the layer provider) and display it with other map viewers:
OpenLayers -> it seems to work fine, but I suppose it uses the WMS specs and not WFS to access the data
uDig -> I must set my SLD on client side to have it applied.

How can I do with the WebMapViewer? There is a method to apply an SLD to a single layer instead of to all the WMV configuration?

I thought about a workaround: load two layers, an "invisible" WFS layer ( setting an appropriate SLD ) and a WMS with the server side loaded rules. In this way I could view the WMS layer and select the WFS. The issue is that I cannot dynamically change the WMS SLD filter with the "custom search" of the WFS.
For example in the WFS, I perform a BBOX search and I can visualize results and an ipothetical associated WMS. But this doens't work when other search parameters changes (like time range)

Thanks in advance

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Re: WFS browsing and custom SLD


In this "Portal Simulator page", you need to select "Config" within the "Started tool" dropdown list before clicking on start Viewer. The Viewer will then be started in configuration mode like it is done within the SSE service registration process.

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Re: WFS browsing and custom SLD

Thank you for your reply, but I can't find where upload SLD and link the WFS Feature Type for the WMS layer.. (there are not the "gear" icon on the Layer Manager)

Could you give me more explanation?

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Re: WFS browsing and custom SLD


Querying using SLD-WMS is something that we have just implemented. It is however not on the ESA portals yet =>will send you a URL for testing.

This is how you configure it:
You first add your WFS FeatureType and your WMS layer. For WFS you define your custom search form. For the WMS layer, you upload your SLD file and then specify which WFS FeatureType is linked with this WMS layer. The result of linking the WMS with the WFS is that we will assign the query form to the WMS layer and the filter that results out of the query form will be inserted into the SLD that is sent to the WMS server.

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The original document is available at