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Update of the S3 SARvatore Service to version v1.39

Dear Users,

On 14 February 2019, the Sentinel-3 SARvatore Service:


has been updated to version v1.39 from version v1.29.
The new version adds the support to Sentinel-3B data.
The Sentinel-3B data products are available as from 11 November 2018 in STC and NTC latency.

The other changes in the release v1.39 with respect the previous version are:

- support for mean sea surface (MSS) DTU 15
- support for mean sea surface CLS-CNES 15
- support for Mean dynamic Topography (MDT) CLS-CNES-13
- support for FES2014b Tide Model
- support for TPXO9-ATLAS Tide Model
- support for NSIDC MSSIS Sea Ice Concentration Data
- support fort NOAA GPCP Precipitation Rate Data
- new Field Epoch in the data products
- new field GEO_Corr_SeaIce in the data products
- update of the Sentinel3-A SRAL calibrations
- option to dump stack phase from the Graphic User

and a series of fix for runtime errors and bugs (as sigma nought at 80 Hz)

Further, in the web Graphic User Interface, the Sentinel-3 STC and NTC data products don't get mixed anymore in the same query but they are now separate items in the query list.
The Graphic User Interface gives now the possibility to pick up the preferred default Mean Sea Surface and Tide Model ensuring hence retro-compatibility with the old standards.

We wish you a good processing time with Sentinel-3 SARvatore Service

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