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Update of the S3 SARvatore Service to version v1.28

Dear Users,

On 9 April 2018, the S3 SARvatore Service:


has been updated to version v1.28 (L1b and L2) from
version v1.20 (L1b) and v1.23 (L2).
The news in the release v1.28 with respect the previous version are:

- Refinement in the power CAL1 calibration in order to better compensate the long term decay of the instrument PTR power
- Support for CLS MSS 2015,
- Support for NSIDC SSMIS Sea Ice Concentration
- Support for S3 PDGS SSB Solution (i.e. CLS-2012 Jason-2 solution)
- Support for NCEP Sea Surface Temperature at 2 meter
- Support for NCEP Precipitable Water
- Support for 3d Dry tropo Correction (inland water)
- Support for NSIDC Sea Ice Age
- Refinement of the Iono Gim Correction solution
- Refinement of the Inverted-Barometer Correction Solution
- Update in S3 LUT (previously it was used CryoSat-2 LUT as heritage)
- Better Refined value of the Beamwidth Antenna Pattern (1.338 deg)
- Fix of a sporadic L1b Runtime Error
- Fix of a bug in OceanLikeFlag for case of no zero-padding applied (which entailed degraded perfomance of SAM+ for case no zero-padding)
- Refinement of 80 Hz L1b Processing for S3

We wish you a good processing time with S3 SARvatore Service

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