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Adding SLD to features

I've added some features to the features folder, and I've tried to upload a SLD file to add symbology to the features, but it doesn't works, can someone help me?


Re: Adding SLD to features

It looks like you are using SLD for adding symbology to features provided via a WFS.
Some things to note:

1) the SLD file that you upload to the WebMapViewer should have a filename ending on wfs.sld

2) Inside the SLD, the FeatureTypeName must be set to Point, LineString or Polygon (depending on the geometry) and the Name of the Rule must be All (for unselected features) or Selected (for selected features).

3) In order to use properties of GML elements inside filter statements inside the rules of your SLD, they need to have element names that are of the form attribute1 => attribute50. (SLD support for WFS is derived from the SLD support for the specific SSE Service Result application schema).

To note is that you can only have one SLD file for all WFS FeatureTypes that you would combine in a single SSE service. You can however freely assign different symbology to different featuretypes by playing with the rules.

Attached is an example SLD file.

Re: Adding SLD to features

Can you send the SLD File and the GML file to the GIM support address.

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