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Undeploy Process


I have deployed a BPEL Process called "airTemperatureMap_sendOrder (v 1. 1.0 )" in the Test Portal BPEL Console but there is impossible to me to undeploy ir or delete it.
I have try to delete it, deploy a new one,..... but nothing happends.
How can I delete this process and deploy a new one "airTemperatureMap_sendOrder (v 1. 1.0 )"?

Thank you

Re: Undeploy Process


I have undeployed all the versions of your airTemperatureMap_sendOrder process, so that you can start over again. For versions 1.1 and 2009_02_03__65309, this was simple, just using the normal undeploy process:

1) Login at with SSE username/password.
2) Click the "BPEL Processes" tab.
3) Click the name of the process you want to undeploy.
4) Change "Process Lifecycle" to "Retired" and "Process State" to "Off" and click "Apply".
5) At the bottom of the page, click "Undeploy"
6) Click OK and then Done.

Version 1.0, in fact, was difficult to undeploy. Sometimes, the Oracle BPEL PM, often due to compatibility issues, is unable to compile/load a workflow and in this case an error icon Image appears in several places, which makes it difficult to display the main process page and undeploy the process. However, with some patience (the process page takes a long time to load in these cases, but it does load), the process can be undeployed using more or less the same procedure described above.

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The original document is available at