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SSE patch 5320 on SSE Test Portal

To SSE Service Providers on the SSE Test Portal:

On February 2nd 2009, patch 5320 was installed on the SSE Test Portal. This patch addresses a problem in the compliance of the SSE with ICD version 1.6. One of the patch actions is to make a small change to all existing Default EOLI Search workflows (obbeying the pattern *_eoli-v2-4-processSearchRequest-hm-1). This has been done and in the majority of cases means that no action is required on your side. Even so, you are invited to test all of your services that have a Default EOLI Search operation to make sure that they have not become broken.

In addition, in the cases where your service has an Order operation chained to a Default EOLI Search operation, it is possible that you need to make a small change to your service. In that case, you need to be aware of the following:

- Before the patch, the SSE generated the element eoli:metadata and inserted this element in the Order input message. However, the SSE ICD defines this element in the XML namespace sse-eoli. Thus, after the patch, the metadata element has the correct XML namespace, which is sse-eoli, and hence becomes sse-eoli:metadata.

Let us know if you have any questions about this subject.

Best Regards,

SSE Operations Team

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