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XSL Stylesheet


I'm developing my stylesheet and I'd like to retrieve fileds like email, telephone, company, etc which are provided by the user during the register process. Could these fields be retrieved in some way? I've seen this snippet of code to get the AOI:

Is it similar fot the rest?

Thanks in advance

Mª José

Re: XSL Stylesheet

Hello Maria.

The code snippet did not show up (it was deleted by the system for security reasons). If you want to post XML or HTML, you need to use the escape sequences (i.e. &amp;lt; for < and &amp;gt; for >). You can also use a box (3rd icon from the right when you are posting) or the CODE plugin to post code. And try to Preview your post before posting to make sure that it looks as you want it to.

Regarding your question, are you trying to retrieve this information in a BPEL workflow or a TOOLBOX script? In either case, this is simple to do using XPath.

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Re: Re: XSL Stylesheet

Hello Paulo:

Sorr for the previous post. I didn't notice the problem with the code. Regarding to the question, I'm trying to retrieve data from the service page, using the XSL. I'd like to get fields which are not shown in the service page, like the userId (this is retieved), the user's email, etc. Is it possible?


Mª José

Re: Re: Re: XSL Stylesheet

Hi Maria.

OK, I understand now. This is possible for a limited number of fields, including email, first name and last name, for example. See the SSE ICD on page 61.

For other fields not available in this way, you should add them to your stylesheet and schema and explicitly request them from the user in the order preparation page for every order. Then you can use XPath and perform a query as e.g. for the AOI, to retrieve those fields.

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P.S.: To avoid asking always for the same information for a certain user, you could also access restrict your service, request the parameters from the user by e-mail after an access request and manually enter them in a database (or hashtable, or any kind of mapping) on your TOOLBOX backend.

The original document is available at