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SPOTimage catalogue endpoint change

For all SSE Service Providers:

SPOTimage has made some changes to their catalogue endpoints. If this affects any of your SSE services, please take action to make the necessary changes.

ESA workflows that you may be chaining to will be updated by ESA.

Here follows the abbreviated SPOTimage message:

Hello all,

we are able now, to make the first step: use our new application firewall at operational level. This implies changing the operational URL to a new one which will now be definitive.

In order to migrate in good conditions, we will provide you the new URL but let the old running. Let us know as soon as possible, if you have any problem on the new one, because we will close the old as soon as possible.

The new URL will begin by http://services.spotimage.fr and that will replace or http://eoli.spotimage.fr that you are currently using. For example, if you connect to (which is not an existing URL) you will have to correct on your side to connect to http:// services.spotimage.fr:9999/wsexemple/v10.0/wsexemple.asmx

You can use the new URL from now on. The old one will be closed end of July at the latest. But please, consider that because of holidays, it’s not an easy period to migrate. So, do it as soon as possible and if any problem let us know. (...)

Best Regards,

Françoise Monge

Best Regards,

SSE Operations Team

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