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Problem with the layers' visualization


I have got a problem when I am uploading WFS;
The WFSs are correctly visualized into the map viewer, but they are not displayed in the "layers" box. I noticed that also the default layers are not correctly displayed, is it a portal' s problem?
By downloading the source code of the "layers" box, the layers are correctly uploaded.

Antonio Biscuso

Re: Problem with the layers' visualization

Dear Antonio,

If I understand you correcly, the problem that you are having is that the "Layer Manager" box (where you can show/hide layers, change their order, ...), is completely empty - is that correct?

If so, can you tell me what the defult language is of your browser.

If it is not english, can you switch it to english and let me know whether the problem persists.

If it does persist, can you pass me the URL to the SSE Service


The original document is available at