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SOS v0.0.31 vs 1.0.0


The WebMapViewer User Manual concerning the SOS version supported tells that:

The implementation within the SSE is based on the draft schemas that were available at the time of implementation of this functionality in the SSE (Version 0.0.31 - July 2007). A copy of these schemas can be found on

I checked at the address above but did not find the needed information on SOS 0.0.31.

Can you please provide the SOS schema 0.0.31, or even a summary of the differences between SOS 0.0.31 and 1.0.0?

This is probably a recurrent problem for all the users

Best regards,
Massimo Ferraguto

Re: SOS v0.0.31 vs 1.0.0

Hi Massimo,

may I suggest you to re-post this forum on the WebMaViewer Forum?
In this way will be easier to provide support to users and to track this important request

many thanks

The original document is available at