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SOS v0.0.31 vs 1.0.0


The WebMapViewer User Manual concerning the SOS version supported tells that:

The implementation within the SSE is based on the draft schemas that were available at the time of implementation of this functionality in the SSE (Version 0.0.31 - July 2007). A copy of these schemas can be found on http://schemas.gim.be/cops/

I checked at the address above but did not find the needed information on SOS 0.0.31.

Can you please provide the SOS schema 0.0.31, or even a summary of the differences between SOS 0.0.31 and 1.0.0?

This is probably a recurrent problem for all the users

Best regards,
Massimo Ferraguto

Re: SOS v0.0.31 vs 1.0.0

Hi Massimo,

may I suggest you to re-post this forum on the WebMaViewer Forum?
In this way will be easier to provide support to users and to track this important request

many thanks

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