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WebMapViewer documentation missing?


after the new Look & Feel change to SSE (Test) Portal, I cannot find WebMapViewer Online Help anymore in the InfoCenter. For example, all the OGC-related "More Info" links in the new Register Service front page are broken (See http://services-test.eoportal.org/portal/service/CreateServiceInfo.do).

I like the new L&F, though! smile

Best regards,

Joni Niemi

Re: WebMapViewer documentation missing?

Thanks for informing us. We will rectify this ASAP.
Meanwhile, you can find the documentation on the main SSE Portal http://services.eoportal.org/infocenter/index.jsp

Re: Re: WebMapViewer documentation missing?

Hi Steven.

While trying to find info on the layer group feature, we found that none of the Portals seems to have 100% correct documentation.

On the Test Portal:

http://services-test.eoportal.org/infocenter/?topic=/be.gim.sse.doc.user/content/page345.htm (layer groups are described)

On the Main one:

http://services.eoportal.org/infocenter/?topic=/be.gim.sse.doc.user/content/page345.htm (layer groups are not described)

This difference should be because currently the Portals are using a different version of the WebMapViewer, with the Test Portal having the most recent one. However, in both cases, the screenshots are not up-to-date.


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