Full access via SW toolset

Current SAFE toolset provides access to product metadata but it is needed to develop product specific software tools to handle data files. It would be useful that the infrastructure provides a guaranteed resource to access the information inside a SAFE product

- product subsetting: given a time interval or a polygon inside the product spatio-temporal coverage(complete SAFE product with part of the binary data)
- complete access to the product data (data variable listing, description, value extraction)
- metadata extraction
- browse extraction

All the measurement contained in the data component of a SAFE product should be clearly recognizable. Currently the meaning and unit of measure of the variable in a data file are only described by a textual description in the data schema.

Thus, the following considerations shall be needed to be defined for a full access via the toolset:
- Formal description of the data variable contained in a SAFE product (dimensions, unit of measure, range, special values (e.g. no measurement or saturated) and any other attribute needed for the complete understanding of the information reported (e.g. star name for limb looking sensor)
- Conventions for data variable name in order to give data variable an homogeneous and clear semantic meaning (e.g. as done in CF-NetCDF)

Re: Full access via SW toolset

When it comes to the toolset, we agree that it would be nice to have a toolset that can handle also the data and not only the metadata. We are however afraid that this may be a very comprehensive task.
A absolute requirement for use of the SAFE tool in the KSAT production line, would be that it could be accessible from a programming language (not GUI), in order to automatically pack and unpack SAFE products for our long term archive.

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