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Published by EOWeb on Wed 20 of Mar. 2019

7th CryoSat Quality Working group Meeting - Final Report

The 7th CryoSat Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting was held at ESA/ESRIN from 26 - 28 November 2018. The QWG#7 was structured around 7 main sessions and involved 43 participants from different operational and research institutes including both CryoSat Expert Support Laboratory, QC and Cal/Val teams, altimetry experts and multi-thematic scientists.
The QWG#7 topics addressed both the data quality aspect of operational ice and ocean L1/L2 products, the results from Cal/Val Campaigns as well as the evolutions of core PDGS products and strategic implementation of future Cryo-TEMPO. The latest results about the CryoSat Ocean Processor Baseline-C and Ice Baseline-D Test Data Sets over the ice sheet and ice caps, Sea-Ice and Inland areas were also discussed.
These points and much more are addressed in the QWG#7 presentations and the Summary and Recommendation Report which is now available to download.