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RSS presenting at Big Data from Space 2019 in Munich

Next week, RSS will be presenting at the Big Data from Space Conference 2019 in Munich, Germany. We will contribute both with a demo of the RSS service and a poster presentation regarding our new "Analysis Ready Data (ARD) on-demand" service prototype. 


Both the RSS demo and the ARD poster presentation are scheduled on Day-2 (February 20th) just after the Coffee Break in the afternoon. 

Our demo will be focused on the presentation of the Research and Service Support offering to interested EO data users, in particular the RSS CloudToolbox service, the Advanced Application Development support service and the flexible processing on-demand service based on scalable resources (e.g. DIAS). While the CloudToolbox service is thought to support (e.g.) education and training or basic development involving limited datasets and resources, the Advanced Development support service is intended to ease the fine-tuning phase, when more resources are needed to run the algorithm under development on larger datasets, and can support processing on-demand and/or processing campaigns as well. 

The ARD on-demand poster, starting from the meaning of "Analysis Ready" will introduce the on-demand demonstrator implemented for supporting the use of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data for Land Applications. 

If you are attending the BiDS 2019 event in Munich next week, we invite you to attend as well our RSS demo and poster presentation, and ask RSS staff as many questions as you need for your work. 

In the meantime, to have a first idea of the ESA RSS service you can have a look at our e-poster “RSS: Tailored Cutting edge Solutions for EO Open Science and Future EO” recently presented at the Φ-week 2018 at ESRIN in Frascati. 


See you in Munich! 


For more information 

RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int