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The RSS CloudToolbox service

Succeeding the experience of the SSEP CloudToolbox service provided by RSS to the Geohazard user community since April 2013, ESA recently decided to extend the CloudToolbox service to the entire EO data user community, in order to assess its suitability to support EO research and data exploitation. 

The extended RSS CloudToolbox service can provide authorised registered ESA EO-SSO users with customised virtual machines (VMs) hosted on an European cloud infrastructure. Such VMs are allowed to access ESA RSS data archives through high-speed network connection and can be equipped with resources (typically 1-4 CPUs, 1-8GB RAM and up to 1TB storage) aligned with the initial user requirements. 

Users have full control of their CloudToolboxes, which are typically provided with an initial credit of 100 hours of up time and can be powered on/off by the user according to the workplan. Furthermore, where needed resources can be temporarily increased to support more demanding processing requirements (e.g. up to 20 CPUs, up to 40GB RAM or up to 10TB storage). If authorised, the initial credit can be extended as well. 

The VMs are provided with pre-installed software supporting EO data exploitation, like Sentinel-1 Toolbox, NEST, BEAM, GAMMA, Matlab, etc. Additional software can be installed on request. 

Details on service access and usage are available in the CloudToolbox FAQ page.

The service is subject to ESA G-POD Terms and Conditions, Cloud Providers Terms and Conditions and CloudToolbox Service Conditions, as detailed in the Service Terms section of the RSS CloudToolbox wiki page. 

The service is free of charge for authorised EO data users and provides flexible and easily accessible processing resources.

We expect the RSS CloudToolbox service to complement existing RSS solutions and tools, and to enhance RSS support to the productivity of the EO data user community. 

Interested users are invited to contact eo-gpod@esa.int

For more information 

RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int