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Earth Observation Data Science

The forthcoming Ninth Conference on Image Information Mining, which will be held at the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) in Bucharest (Roumania) on March 05-07, 2014, will gather the international specialists from academia, institutions and industry.

The call for papers is open right now, you all are invited to submit your abstract!

The conference will offer the occasion to discuss the need and opportunity for a widening of the traditional image information mining topics, to encompass not only the multi-temporal image analysis, but as well other topics including the Big Data (from space) one.

To achieve this goal we expect that besides the image information mining traditional topics the keynote speakers will foster a fruitful discussion on topics such as:

  • how to achieve synergy with sister domains like time series analysis, data and visual analytics

  • how to exploit research and development of multi-dimensional and scalable database solutions, including no sql databases and the linked open data publishing model

  • the need for a large collaborative and long lasting effort on crowdsourcing, benchmarking, image and feature annotation and evaluation

  • how to establish a theoretical framework to bridge the semantic gap and be able to assign “discriminating power” to extracted features and “categorization” of extracted classes/objects

  • how to achieve high quality software and algorithm developments able to reach at least the “software prototype” readiness level


and last but not least the need for programmatic frameworks to support the widening of competence and expertise in several research centres/industrial actors in Europe and worldwide on image information mining and Earth Observation Data Science.