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G-POD 2.0 now available!

<p>Image As announced last Thursday, the G-POD Environment has been successfully upgraded to the version 2.0 that brings several new features. Besides a new look&feel created by ESA's Web designers, G-POD 2.0 makes available to EO scientists many enhanced functionalities, such as:</p> <p>- new search engine enabling services and tasks search using free text</p> <p>- task visualization: a new workspace where tasks are organized in tabs according to their status</p> <p>- query results display additional metadata such as, among others, start and stop times, orbit number and processing station</p> <p>- easier product selection both by clicking the footprint on the map and from the product list</p> <p>- easier task submission: no need to save it to the workspace before submission</p> <p>- discovery of G-POD dataset series accessible via G-POD's Web Portal</p> <p>More information about G-POD new functionalities is available at <a href="http://wiki.services.eoportal.org/tiki-index.php?page=What+is+new+in+GPOD+2.0">What's new in G-POD 2.0</a></p>