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Published by RSS Team on Mon 18 of July 2016

RSS processed Sentinel-1A data for the analysis of water variations on Poyang Lake

The ESA Research & Service Support contributed to the analysis of Poyang Lake seasonal water variations by supporting the processing of related Sentinel-1A products and making available the required computing resources (RSS CloudToolbox).

A total of 71 Sentinel-1A IW SLC products (relative orbit number 40) acquired from June 2015 to May 2016 have been processed with the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) to compute all the possible 12-day interferometric coherence maps. More than 318 GB of data were processed with a customised processing chain to produce the desired results.

The images were calibrated in order to provide 3-band data combination (Sigma0_VV, Sigma0_VH and coherence) to create the final false colours video showing Poyang Lake water surface evolution in a news about ESA-China Dragon Cooperation Programme recently published on the ESA website: ESA’s Dragon cooperation with China extended to 2020

Access the video



Published by RSS Team on Wed 24 of June 2015

"Research Grants Call 2015"


Research Grants Call 2015


The SCatterometer InstRument Competence Centre, SCIRoCCo, has been established by the European Space Agency  (ESA) in  support of the exploitation activities for the ERS-2 Scatterometer mission during Phase-F. SCIRoCCo aims at becoming a reference center for the international meteorological agency, meteorological operations centers, and the research and educational community worldwide for the exploitation of the ERS Scatterometer mission data set and of the present and future C-band scatterometer mission data sets.

SCIRoCCo aims also to initiate, foster, and facilitate the creation of the best environment for the maturation of the next-generation scientific community for  the Scatterometer data exploitation and evolution. To do so SCIRoCCo has set up an educational network to encourage and support the integration between different scatterometry research groups and universities all across Europe. This will complement others educational activities already running (e.g. at EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility SAF, International Ocean Vector Wind Science Team,

Within the SCIRoCCo Project, a number of Research Grants at Master, Post-graduate and PhD level are available, to carry out original research based primarily on the exploitation of ERS Scatterometer data, on the intercalibration between ESCAT (the ERS Scatterometer), ASCAT (on MetOp-A) and comparisons of models and retrievals.  Research will be carried out at one of the SCIRoCCo Host Institutions: KNMI (NL), RMA (BE), TUWien (AT), SERCO/University of Rome (IT) and may also involve collaboration with multiple SCIRoCCo partners. Research Projects will  start preferentially either before Summer 2015, in September or in January 2016,  depending on negotiation, according to needs and availabilities.

For further details on the available research topics see here

To apply on-line for the SCIRoCCo’ research grants see here


Published by RSS Team on Wed 11 of Mar. 2015

The new RSS CloudToolbox service is now available to EO data users

The new RSS CloudToolbox service provides registered and authorised ESA EO-SSO users with customised virtual machines (VMs) made available on a cloud infrastructure. Thanks to high-speed network connections, these cloud VMs have fast access to the ESA RSS Datafarm archive.
The main objective of the RSS CloudToolbox service is to provide EO data users with proper resource flexibility, accessible via their own devices (PC. laptop, tablet), to easily perform their own processing. Each VM is provided with pre-installed software in accordance with user requirements (e.g. Sentinel-1 Toolbox, POLSARpro, GAMMA, DORIS, Matlab, etc).

Please, read the RSS CloudToolbox service description or contact eo-gpod at esa.int for more information.


Published by RSS Team on Thu 06 of Nov. 2014

InSAR SBAS service available on G-POD

The InSAR SBAS service will be available from November 10th, 2014, to interested RSS users for processing SAR data from the ESA archives. The service, based on the full P-SBAS DInSAR chain integrated by CNR-IREA and ESA RSS into the G-POD environment, requires dataset selection over aspecific AOI together with parameters/thresholds setting, and allows
unsupervised processing providing in output geocoded interferograms, mean deformation velocity maps and deformation time series.

Based on the expected number of users, during the first weeks, about 30 Computing Nodes will be made available to support the SBAS processing, equally shared between ESA and CNR-IREA.

However, ESA would consider the possibility to further expand the processing capacity, should the number of users interested in this service grow beyond the limit supported by the current allocated G-POD processing capability.

Interested users are invited to contact eo-gpod@esa.int for more information.


Published by RSS Team on Fri 16 of May 2014

Sentinel-1A data available on G-POD!

Dear users,

we are pleased to announce the availability of the first Sentinel-1A real products on G-POD.

classified by type (SLC, GRDH and GRDM) and by acquisition mode
( IW, EW ), are accessible from the "Catalogue" tab (after logging in).

If you are interested in testing your own processor on the
available Sentinel-1 data exploiting the G-POD processing power, please do not hesitate to contact the G-POD Team.


Published by RSS Team on Wed 09 of Apr. 2014

Sentinel-1 simulated data now available on G-POD!

Dear G-POD users,

Sentinel-1 L1 SAR simulated data are available on G-POD.

classified by type (SLC, GRDF, GRDH and GRDM) and by acquisition mode
(SM, IW, EW and WV), are accessible from the "Catalogue" tab (after logging in).

If you are interested in testing your own processor on the
available Sentinel-1 data exploiting the G-POD processing power, please do not hesitate to contact the G-POD Team.


Published by RSS Team on Mon 09 of May 2011

Sen4Sci Announcement

Image Dear Colleague,
Draft documents outlining potential Sentinel science products for Land & Solid Earth, Ocean and Cryosphere are now available for public review until
the end September 2011.

Please, download the documents from:

Following the instructions given there, please, use the dedicated Forums (Land Surface Research, Solid Earth Research, Ocean Research, and Cryosphere Research forum) to provide us with your comments and suggestions or to discuss them with other Forum members.

We invite not only the SEN4SCI workshop participants but the wider science community to actively contribute to the open public review. Therefore, please feel free to extend this invitation to any colleagues that might be interested in the subject.

We are looking forward to your comments!
Many thanks for supporting the Sentinels for Science activity.

With best regards --- ESA & SEN4SCI team