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OGC 07-118 Close to approval as OGC Best Practice document

This document describes the interfaces required to authenticate and authorise users in a federated system of OGC Web Services for Earth Observation. The document covers three high level scenarios:

  • The orchestration of OGC Web Services as it may occur when (e.g.) Sensor Planning Service, Web processing Service and Web Coverage Service are provided by several cooperating organizations.
  • The system of systems of OGC Web Services as it may occur when several organisations may concur and cooperate in the provision of instances of the same service within a federated service provision. Several relevant use cases are proposed within the GEOSS AIP.
  • The security and EO products market scenarios which have high level requirements related to the user authentication as well as to the authorisation to the use of the OGC Web Services over geospatial (e.g. area of interest) and/or temporal parameters.
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