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SSE Newsletter 1 - August 2009

SSE Newsletter 1
14 August 2009
  MEEO SOIL MAPPERĀ®-based services  
  A series of SSE services based on the SOIL MAPPERĀ® classifier will benefit from the release of the new version of this software module from MEEO, based on the Multi sensor Land Classification System (MLCS); with respect to the previous release the new version improves the cloud detection capability and the inter-comparison among different sensors, providing classification maps with same number of classes for all the processed sensors' data. Moreover a new classification level has been implemented: the resulting classification scheme is compatible with the Corine Land Cover Classification system nomenclature. Finally the Value Added Products (VAPs) have been updated reducing the number of products and improving the quality of the single VAP. The software is available free of charge for test and non-commercial purposes through the SSE portal: a series of SSE Services for user-provided images (Landsat, SPOT, MODIS, AVHRR, AATSR) are available until June 30 2010; the same services are available for Category 1 SSE Users (Landsat, SPOT, MODIS) with no limitation. You can find these services by browsing the "Thematic Services" category or by using the search function available on the SSE homepage (search for "Soil Mapper").

  Join and Share  
  Share your ideas, projects and skills in the "Join and Share Area", a web area, closely connected with the SSE platform that, through the use of wikis and forums (and soon a blog), gives you the chance to better network with other professionals and companies within the EO sector.
The "Join and Share area" is formed by two closely linked communities: the SSE and HMA (Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility) communities. Each community area contains all the necessary tools to create and stimulate networks among professionals. In the case of the SSE, a FAQ with instructions on how to start using SSE services is available. The "Join and Share Area" wants to be a collaboration space to share opinions and thoughts on EO issues, to boost the development of new and innovative services, emerging from the effective integration of experiences. Take part now in the Join and Share community.

  SSE Newsletter  
  The Join and Share community is very pleased to introduce the first number of a free monthly digital newsletter from its web-sites. Subscribers - SSE Portal users that have given their consent to receive news - will have the opportunity of looking through a selection of relevant news, published in the course of the month, and divided into four categories:
  • Service of the month
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The main purpose of the service is to inform users about the activities carried out within the community, and also to inform about the events regarding the area of their interest. The feedback received for this newsletter will be one of the inputs to help us implement user and service provider driven enhancements that effectively respond to their needs.

  Discover the new look of the SSE portal, its improved user interface and navigation features.

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