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The company mundialis, founded in 2015 is an independent company located in
Bonn, Germany. It is operated by the owners Dr. Markus Neteler, Hinrich Paulsen
and Till Adams. As of spring 2019, mundialis employs eight staff plus the three
managing directors/owners. The first years have shown an exciting growth rate,
both in terms of staff development as well as diversification of the company
portfolio regarding products and services. The staff is carefully selected to ensure
the build-up of further know-how and to maintain a company culture with a stable
yet growing staff structure.

The company mundialis (Web: https://www.mundialis.de) specializes in the analysis of remote sensing data and the processing of voluminous geodata with the help of powerful computing centres for several earth observation applications. A focus is on the processing and automatic evaluation of Sentinel satellite data
(RADAR, optical, infrared) from the European Copernicus program in order to derive information relevant for various business sectors. The resulting information is offered both file based and as standardized web services. Furthermore, other massive spatial data sources including LiDAR data, aerial and drone imagery
as well as voluminous terrestrial data are processed.

The company offers scalable products and services which can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications due to its standardized interfaces. Data is commonly stored in geospatial databases and provided through well-established Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services. Different
cloud and High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures including private and public clouds on HPC cluster systems, OpenStack based systems, or through container-based virtualization are supported. The development and delivery of related server-architectures are either hosted by mundialis or deployed on
premise, depending on the customer's needs.

In production and software development Free and Open Source geoinformation systems are used, especially within the GRASS GIS project of the OSGeo foundation with ties into the GDAL and QGIS projects besides others. Another mundialis initiated Open Source project is actinia. Actinia is listed as an OSGeo community project. actinia is a REST service to process geographical data that can be managed by the GRASS GIS software system. The software isĀ  designed to expose a GRASS GIS database and many processing tools as REST, WPS or OpenAPI service. This interface allows to access, manage and manipulate the GRASS GIS database via HTTP.

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