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A survey of the different standards and procedures that could have impacts or could be used in the framework of the LTDP initiative currently on-going in Europe for the set-up of a European LTDP Framework. The Purpose of this document is to:

- Identify organisations that produce standards, methodologies or procedures that could support or enhance LTDP related activities.

- Perform a survey to identify and rank the most relevant standard and procedures and provide the following key information for further inspection and analysis:

  • Descriptions
  • Standards accrediting or developing organization
  • Version
  • Further Information
  • Relevance to LTDP

- Provide quick reference tables (conclusions and recommendations section) to allow to quickly identify and find appropriate standards or procedures that support the different LTDP themes.

The survey resulted in a long candidates list that contained in excess of 600 different standards and procedures that have been briefly inspected for relevance to LTDP. Most standards and procedures were rejected on grounds that they were not highly relevant or generally applicable for the long tern preservation of Earth Observation data sets. The result of this process is the shortlist of approximately 150 standards and procedures presented in this document. The document should therefore not be considered to be a comprehensive listing of standards and procedures that could potentially support the long term preservation goals of archives in general. Further independent investigation may be required for specialised long term preservation objectives.

The document constitutes a fundamental starting point to allow relevant results from the described standards and procedure to be identified, further analysed and utilized when feasible to favour the set-up of the European LTDP Framework. 


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