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SSEP CloudToolbox Service

Service Description 

The RSS CloudToolbox service provides registered ESA EO-SSO users with customised virtual machines (VMs) made available on a cloud infrastructure.

To support the specific needs of the Geohazard community, RSS provides SSEP CloudToolboxes as well. These SSEP virtual machines are equipped with the latest ESA and third-party tools for EO SAR data processing (e.g. Sentinel-1 ToolboxGAMMA).

Being in the cloud, thanks to high-speed network connections , these VMs have fast access to the ESA G-POD EO data archive. Moreover, as the SSEP Toolboxes are hosted in the same cloud infrastructure of the ESA Virtual Archive 4 (VA4) dedicated to Geohazard related radar data, users will benefit from the fastest possible connection when accessing such VA4 data. 

Objective of the CloudToolbox service is to provide users with enough flexibility to easily perform their own particular processing, by accessing the virtual machines from a vast range of devices (laptop, tablets, cellular phones, etc...), from anywhere in the world. High-speed data access and powerful hardware resources from the cloud are combined to enable scientists to test and run own algorithms on many EO datasets available on-line. 


The Toolboxes

The CloudToolboxes are virtual machines located on an European Cloud Provider Infrastructure, with fast access to ESA EO data. 

The machines offer a flexible amount of CPUs, RAM and dedicated storage, tailored to user needs and type of machine required. When needed, users can request upgrades of the configuration (for example, asking more processing power) at any time, compatibly with the Cloud infrastructure constraints.

Also, the VMs are managed in a "Pay-per-use" mode. Users are granted with an initial credit (normally 100 hours of up time), that is consumed only when the machine is in use. 

Pre-built VM templates offer ready-to-use machines for SAR Interferometric processing (e.g. see SSEP CloudToolbox in Figure 1) or generic EO data processing. However, besides free and licensed software tools (e.g. Sentinel-1 toolbox, NEST, GAMMA, Matlab, etc) that can be installed on the machines, users may request installation of additional tools.  



Figure 1. SSEP CloudToolbox Desktop 

Service Access

The SSEP CloudToolbox service is accessible from the RSS CloudToolbox service page. 

To login into the service, you just need an EO-SSO user account. If you do not have it already, you can create one via the Register link. 

More details about the service usage are in the CloudToolbox FAQ page. For any clarification or request, you can send an email to eo-gpod@esa.int or press the Contact Us link. 

Service terms

The service is offered under the ESA G-POD Terms and Conditions, the Cloud Provider Terms and Conditions (available here and here) and the CloudToolbox Service Conditions stated below. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is required for the access to the service and it is implicit by the service and virtual machines usage. 

CloudToolbox service is offered free of charge by ESA for a limited time (usually 100 hours, but subject to infrastructure avaiability). Service request approval is limited by ESA. ESA takes the right to deny any request for the service to any user without any reason. 

ESA and RSS (service operator) take no responsability on any activity performed by the user via the service Virtual Machines. ESA and RSS (service operator) do not commit to any level or service and take the right to stop the service to any user at any moment without any reason. 

Licenses for commercial and non commercial tools bundled inside the Virtual Machines are related to the usage of the tools inside the Virtual Machines themselves. Any copy of the licenses ouside the CloudToolbox Virtual Machines is forbidden. Usage of any commercial or non commercial tool bundled in the Virtual Machines implies acceptance of the conditions of the licenses related to the tool. 

Special agreements and derogation of any of the rules specified above may be granted to some users subject to negotiation with ESA. 


For any clarification or request, you can send an email to eo-gpod@esa.int or click on the Contact Us link. 

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