The SSEGrid project will try to enable the inclusion of Grid processing services in the Service Support Environment workflow tool. The project will consist in two phases.

Introduction and Objectives

The objectives of this activity are:

  • A technological objective which entails an analysis of the state of the art, the proposal for new or amended versions of the protocols for the processing interface control documents which may be able to bridge geospatial service oriented architectures and Grid Open Service Architecture Grid - OGSA ones.
  • The introduction of the Grid model at VITO. On the basis of the ESA model for grid processing on demand (G-POD) the analysis and design of a grid based infrastructure at VITO and the integration with VITO's current and future vegetation processing chain which may be used as model for other similar infrastructures in Europe.
  • The evolution of the so-called Service Support Environment so that service support and Grid based infrastructures could be seamlessly and modularly integrated in the SSE architecture for Principal Investigators (PIs), or service provider support and for the systematic processing or reprocessing of Earth Observation (EO) data for exploitation both at VITO and ESA.

Expected Results

Phase 1

  • TN Grid Middleware
  • TN Cooperative Grid Work
  • TN Grid Processing Standards

Phase 2

  • VITO Grid middleware and workflow tool
  • Updated SSE Portal Software to support communications with VITO Grid middleware
  • Updated BPEL workflow tool in SSE to support Grid services


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