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SOSI Land Cover Service (SLCS) Hints

This page holds some hints and explanations regarding the usage of the SOSI Land Cover Services (SLCSs).

The SLCSs are installed at the SSE and available at:

License & Questionaire

By using these services and selecting the order button you agree to following terms and conditions:

  • To acknowledge the source as follow: Copyright EEA, Copenhagen, 2007.
  • To display a link to the EEA web site http://www.eea.europa.eu.
  • Not to use the data/applications for commercial purposes unless the Agency has expressly granted the right to do so.

We also kindly ask you to give some feedback using the questions provided here.


This service is part of the SOSI (Spatial Observation Services and Infrastructure) project's Demonstration System.
SOSI aims at the verification of SEIS concepts for infrastructure and services in the context of Land Cover Monitoring & Earth Observation via the demonstration of distributed data and processing services. Data and services are shared at European and Member States levels.

SOSI Land Cover Service (SLCS) available data-sets

  • GMES Fast Track Service Precursor on Land Monitoring High-resolution core land cover data built-up areas including degree of soil sealing, 2006
  • Corine Land Cover 2000

Ordering Options

Data Type (see details above):

  • Soil Sealing 2006
  • CLC 2000

WCS resolution:

  • Full
  • User Defined (any float)

Explanation: The Soil Sealing dataset is of type raster for which the user can specify the wanted resolution in degree. Note that the data itself has a spatial resolution of 20meter or approximately 0.0002759923305degree.

Packaging if multiple countries are queried:

  • Separate
  • Combined

Explanation: If your area of interest (AOI) spans more than one country, you will receive a data file (either gml or tif) from each of the countries in question. For convenience, you may choose to have these separate files combined into a single file.
Please note that combining is performed by means of completely automated processes, and therefore the result at any border between two adjacent countries depends entirely on the quality of the data at hand and the CRS selected: it is possible that gaps or overlaps may be generated in some cases.
Please note also that requesting a big AOI may result in a tif data file of the same size even if large areas are not covered by data.


  • True
  • False

Explanation: Used to specify if the order result should be packaged and compressed. True by default.

General remarks

Requesting big Areas Of Interest (AOI) may result in long computation time.

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