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SOSI: EEA License and Questionnaire

Corine Land Cover (CLC) 2000

License statement
EEA grants free access to all its data/applications provided that the user agrees:

· to acknowledge the source as follows: Copyright EEA, Copenhagen, 2007
· to display a link to the EEA web site http://www.eea.europa.eu
· not to use the data/applications for commercial purposes unless the Agency has expressly granted the right to do so


Please read and complete the questions below.
Please send your answers to sosi at eox.at before starting to download.
Alternatively you can directly complete the form at the EEA website.

This application has been created by the EEA to distribute Corine land
cover 2000. The information available in this application is under
copyright of the EEA and within the public domain. Public domain
information in this application may be used free of charge, provided
the source is acknowledged. The acknowledgment should read
"© EEA, Copenhagen 2007".

1. Please provide the title of the project/activity and a brief

presentation of the expected use (optional):

2. Please specify at least one key economic sector where the requested
products will be used (required):
O Agriculture
O Demography
O Energy
O Environment
O Education
O Forestry
O Health
O Physical planning
O Research
O Tourism
O Transport
O Other (e.g., base mapping):

3. In case the requested product is addressing environmental issues,
please specify at least one key environmental domain the product will
be used for (required):
O Air pollution
O Climate change
O Coastal zone
O Hazardous substances
O Marine environment
O Ozone depletion
O Nature conservatior
O Soil degradation
O Transboundary issues
O Urban environment
O Waste management
O Water management
O Other:

4.Additional comments (optional):

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