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SOSI: Availability of SMUS


Availability of SMUS


The SOSI SMUS service is operated by GISAT s. r.o, Prague, Czech Republic.


The SMUS service is planned to be available for an Operational Period of 6 months starting from approximately the middle of February 2010. During the Operational Period the service is normally continuously available to place an order except when network or server maintenance activities are being performed or due to circumstances beyond GISAT s. r.o.’s control.


SSE or the SMUS service may be unavailable unexpectedly as a result of circumstances beyond GISAT s. r.o.'s control. Note that the service is only monitored during working hours. As a general rule, when the service fails during non-working hours, we will attempt to restart the service on the next local work-day. However there may be periods when it is know that Helpdesk and site maintenace may be unavailable for extended periods of time, and in this case we shall update this page with the known periods of unavailability.


The following days are National Holidays in CZ during the Operational Period in 2010, and as such designated as non-working:


April 5, July 5-6, Sept 28.




To contact the helpdesk, see the Service Level Agreement for SMUS.  The Helpdesk should in general respond within  5 working days, except during any periods of 'unavailability' as noted above.


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