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The SCIDIP-ES (Science  Data Infrastructure for Preservation) – Earth Science project was funded by the EU 7th Framework Program.

The aim of the initiative is to deliver generic infrastructure services for science data preservation and to build on the experience of the ESA Earth Observation Long Term Data Preservation (LTDP) programme to favour  the set-up of a European Framework for the long term preservation of Earth Science  (ES) data through the definition of common preservation policies, the harmonization of metadata and semantics and the deployment of the generic infrastructure services in ES domain.

We believe this is important because it will allow our society to properly preserve the digitally encoded information on which we all depend, in particular Earth Science measurements, which can never be repeated, and yet on which a multitude of ecological, economic, and political decisions must be based in the future.

Please use this link to retrieve and download any useful deliverables:


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