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Reference Data Set


RDS is a collection of heterogeneous data for the development or verification of processing algorithms that can include any data or information type from documentation to code, from image products to ground truth data, from links to Videos.

RDS use the GEONETWORK platform to collect and organised metadata, in agreement with ISO 19139 XML schema and based on ISO 19115/119 standards.

GeoNetwork permits a fine grained access control and an easy management of Groups and users.

The RDS is structured as HTML page containing ftp links to data (docs, images, etc …). The metadata are visible to any user, but downloadable only by authorised users.

Some available Reference Data Sets

(A)ATSR-like, Land Cover
African Land Cover Database (FAO Africover)
LANDSAT-like, Land Cover
Regione Emilia Romagna
Wisconsin Land Cover Use
SPOT-like, Land Use
Regione Lombardia land use database
SPOT Test Dataset
Ice Applications
Svartisen Glacier, Norway, Glacier Facies Classification, LANDSAT Imagery
Baltic Sea, Sea Ice Thickness Measurements, ENVISAT Imagery
IPP (InSAR Post-Processing) software: velocity measurement RDS
Thun Reference Data Set
RDS - IIMvLab - L'Aquila Earthquake

RDS Standards

ISO 19139 XML metadata schema
OGC - CSW 2.0.1 (Catalogue Service for Web)
OGC – WMS 1.2 (Web Map Service)

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