1-2) Publication/Posters and synergies with international events

During the first semester of 2011 articles and posters were accepted and presented at the international flora and main events identified by STFC (IEEE MSST, EGU, PV). It is very important to continue publishing papers and presenting the main results in the frame of the 2009-2011 LTDP Workplan areas (Policies Technology, methodology and developments. Standardisation and Coordination Operational solutions, Data exploitation). Next identified conferences are;

  • PV 2011 Workshop in Toulouse
  • LTDP Implementation Technical Workshop (Canada)
  • EGU 2012
  • Others TBD


3) Video: Prepare storyboard for the two videos including key messages and list of videos available and implement videos in coordination with LTDP WG and video maker.

  1. Two videos should be generated addressing respectively European Policy makers and Founding bodies (higher priority) and general public (lower priority).
  2. The videos should last 3-4 minutes each and should also include interviews with key speakers (e.g. scientists known at European level).
  3. Videos could use the use cases for the GEO Plenary 2011 data access demonstration.
  4. Video should include as example a graph indicating how old are the data of interest for the application considered in the video (e.g. show that data older than x years become useful again). Start from FIRST results and DLR/CSA/ESA statistics.

Video should be available by end of October 2011 at the latest (GEO Plenary and ESA PB-EO).

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