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In PDF-FO, VITO and TRASYS join together to improve the current version of the Product Distribution Facility as currently deployed at VITO to provide operational services for the distribution of the PROBA-V mission (http://www.vito-eodata.be) and the Copernicus Global Land Service (http://land.copernicus.vgt.vito.be). PDF-FO will have a clear focus to position the PDF in a federation of Ground Segments related to the Copernicus programme. Therefore the project will align with ESA/ESRIN on the uptake of standards related to discovery, data access, user management, etc. The project will as well address the pre-processing of data from PROBA-V complementary missions (e.g. Sentinel-2, Landsat 7-8) for optimal i.e. fast processing on the Hadoop cluster at VITO to support the land/vegetation community in access of these EO-data, which can be integrated in the Data Manager component of the PROBA-V MEP project (proba-v-mep.esa.int).

The first version of the PDF was developed in the frame of the PROBA-V User Segment development project. During the PROBA-V operations (joint ESA and BELSPO sponsored), the PDF is maintained and further improved.

PDF-FO will implement prototypes which will be integrated in the two operational PDF services mentioned above and the PROBA-V MEP, since it will address the needs expressed by these projects:

  1. Provide easy-to-use B2B interfaces to discover and access data, next to the existing HMA access channel. This includes an innovative A&A mechanism as well.
  2. Prepare the automatic retrieval and pre-processing of Sentinel 2-3 and Landsat 7-8 data in the PROBA-V MEP exploitation platform deployed at VITO, which will be used as a research platform for the land community. Hence, the PDF-FO  project will closely collaborate with the PROBA-V MEP project, more specifically to its data manager component.
  3. Improve the Time Series analysis service, as prototyped in the ESE project and used in the PROBA-V MEP project, according to the expectations of users to support analyses for user-defined polygons and single pixels as well.

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