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Introduction and Objectives

The main objective of the Open Source Image Retrieval – Integration of Developed Tools (OSIRIDE) project is to develop, implement and integrate tools for Earth Observation (EO) Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) into a powerful and ready-to-use Open-Source platform. To achieve this, the following activities shall be addressed:
- Analyse, benchmark and prototype advanced technologies for the automatic identification of relevant images based on their semantic content;
- Adapt developed technologies to EO image content and use, in order to exploit past, current and next generation of satellite images, taking into account the possibility to build long time series;
- Implement and integrate developed components into an Open-Source platform to permit users to quickly and effectively exploit and extend CBIR functionalities;
- Select and integrate relevant additional sources of information (e.g. gazetteers, taxonomies, etc.) for their use in the platform, in order to improve system capabilities and usability;
- Demonstrate the platform on specific EO applications (e.g. flooding, forest mapping, etc.).

Expected Results

The OSIRIDE platform, operating both on optical satellite scenes and radar satellite scenes, will provide the following main functionalities:
- a module for inteligent selection of scenes, using classical criteria (area of intrerest, time interval, sensor type) and also additional criteria (cloud coverage percentage, CLC class structure etc.);
- a fast search function (finding patches with similar semantic content with a given query/example) over a local data base containing tens of millions of patches;
- a module for defining/labeling/learning classes of patches, using active learning techniques;
- various visualization modes for presenting the results.

The project Executive Summary is available at the following link:
Executive Summary

Project Schedule

MilestoneDate Place Description


TERRASIGNA, Romania (Prime)
University Politehnica of Bucharest - Research Center for Spatial Information (UPB-CeoSpaceTech), Romania

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