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Long Term Data Preservation Framework

Monitoring of global change processes has lead to increasing demand for long-term time series of Earth Observation (EO) data spanning 20 years, or more. These data are necessary to support international activities such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Content of EO space data archives is extending from a few years to decades and their scientific value is continuously increasing hence is well recognized the need to preserve them without time limitation and to keep the archived EO space data well accessible and exploitable as they constitute a humankind asset. To preserve these digital assets is the aim of digital long-term preservation.

A cooperative and harmonisedcollective approach on Long Term Data Preservation (LTDP) in Europe (i.e. a European EO LTDP Framework) is needed to coordinate and optimiseEuropean efforts in the LTDP domain.  

Main goals of the European EO Long Term Data Preservation Framework are to:

  1. Preserve the European, and Canadian, EO space data set for an unlimited time-span.
  2. Ensure and facilitate the accessibility and usability of the preserved data sets respecting the individual entities applicable data policies.
  3. Adopt a cooperative and harmonisedcollective approach among the data owners and archive holders (European LTDP Framework), based on the application of European LTDP Common Guidelines and sustained through cooperative (multi-source) long term funding schemes.
  4. Ensure, to the maximum extent, the coherency with the preservation of other non-space based environmental data and international policies.

The European LTDP Framework is open to all possible members. It is intended as a collaborative framework consisting of distributed and heterogeneous components and entities cooperating in several areas to reach a harmonized preservation of the European EO space data set. The framework is based on the contribution of European Earth Observation space data owners and archive holders through their ideas and, where possible, their infrastructure in accordance to the commonly agreed LTDP Guidelines and should follow a stepwise progressive implementation plan (short, mid, long-term activities).

A detailed description of the framework is described in the attached document.

The following link WG allows to navigate through the Working Group documentation.

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