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LTDP Preserved Data Set Content

In the frame of FIRST survey, the user community has clearly and strongly pointed out that preserving data records of Earth science historical mission is mandatory. Particularly, the scientific community welcomes the LTDP European initiative to cooperate and optimize efforts to preserve data set heritage for future generation.

The user community has been also pointed out that non only data records but the latter context requires preservation too, as context information might often be:

  • hidden or implicit: well understood in their respective designated user communities and data producer experts at the time the data records stream is acquired and processed;
  • evolving:

    • the technological context (computer platforms, programming languages, applications, file format etc..) surrounding any piece of information will inevitably change over time until information is no longer usable;
    • the communities context (data producer, data consumer, designated communities i.e. communities and organization involved in the information’s creation and initial use) may change over time and give different value to the data information over time of cease to exists.

In accordance with Theme 1 of the Guidelines, the “preserved data set” composition defines a consistent and complete set of data enabling current and possible future utilization. This theme is related to the composition and description of the data and information needed to preserve knowledge and the capability to generate mission products to be delivered to users.

A  preliminary attempt has been made to rank context information criticality for a generic Earth Science mission and for the nine Earth science sensors types . This preliminary ranking will be tuned following the results of the pilot implementation projects initiated by the Agency to preserve ESA historical data set and their context information using the checklists as reference.

Ättached the latest version of the Preserved Data Set Content document referenced by Theme 1 "Preserved Data Set Definition".

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