LTDP Outreach

One of the objective of the LTDP framework is to define a joint strategy for outreach activities aimed at raising stakeholder and general public awareness on the Long Term Data Preservation.

The following main activities are being carried out:

  1. Continue and reinforce publications and posters submission at international conference and events on main LTDP areas.
  2. Set-up synergies with main international events to chair and coordinate dedicated LTDP sessions .
  3. Preparation of 2 tutorial videos to raise awareness on LTDP in the user community and in funding entities.
  4. Preparation of a brochure or flyer to be distributed at main events containing LTDP guidelines and documents.
  5. Draft graphic LTDP logo.
  6. Consolidate documentation describing the European LTDP Framework and the future roadmap for the set-up of this framework and other relevant documentation for LTDP outreach.
  7. LTDP Newsletter
  8. LTDP Motto

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