LTDP EO Data Set

Main goal of the European EO Long Term Data Preservation Framework is to preserve the European, and Canadian, EO space data set for an unlimited time-span ensuring and facilitating the accessibility and usability of the preserved data sets respecting the individual entities applicable data policies.

The European EO Space Data Set consists of:

  • All EO space data from missions or instruments owned by European Member States (public or privateorganizations) including Canada.
  • All EO space data over Europe from non-European Member States missions or instruments available through agreements with European entities (e.g. Third Party Missions managed by the European Space Agency). 

The space missions/sensors whose data constitutes the European EO Space Data Set have been subdivided in the following six main categories:

  • C1: High and Very High resolution SAR imaging missions/sensors (different Radar bands).
  • C2: High and Very high resolution multi-spectral imaging missions/sensors.
  • C3: Medium resolution Land and Ocean monitoring missions/sensors (e.g. wide swath ocean colour and
  • surface temperature sensors, altimeter, etc).
  • C4: Atmospheric missions/sensors.
  • C5: Other Scientific missions/sensors.
  • C6: Space related data (e.g. campaigns, etc..).

The scope of the attached document is to list all the past, current and future missions or instruments whose data are composing the European EO Space Data Set providing in addition some information related to mission owners instrument characteristics and information related to LTDP. This document is reviewed and updated once pe year.

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