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The continuously increasing amount of long-term and of historic data in EO facilities in the form of online datasets and archives makes it necessary to address technologies for the long-term management of these data sets, including their consolidation, preservation, and continuation across multiple missions. The management of long EO data time series of continuing or historic missions, with more than 20 years of data available already today, requires technical solutions and technologies which differ considerably from the ones exploited by existing systems.

The objective of this activity is to investigate and develop solutions for access- and exploitation-optimised organisation of data repositories to overcome limitations of today’s storage-optimised implementations (e.g., zipped file based archive). To satisfy such new data access and exploitation scenarios (e.g., pixel-based discovery, access and on-the-fly processing), the archiving structures and data models will have to facilitate user-friendly bulk data retrieval, data processing, visualization, as well as displaying and downloading data layers served by standardized spatial data services.

The project kick-off was on 18.02.2020; its duration is 24 months.

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