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KEO WMS Capabilities Getter

The module send a GETCAPABILITIES request to a WMS server.

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 WMS URL address (Map server url address, default "http://keo302.acs:8080/geoserver/wms")
  • Inlet 2 output filename (Output filename, default "$$dir$$/$$uid$$_capabilities")
  • Inlet 3 optional parameters (List of optional parameters string to append at the end of URL request separated by '&' in the form: PARAM_NAME1=PARAM_VALUE1&PARAM_NAME2=PARAM_VALUE2, Ex: 'SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1'), default “null”
  • Output 1 output file (The file containing the server capabilities)

$$dir$$ = At runtime is replaced by the working dir
$$uid$$ = At runtime is replaced by a unique identifier

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