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KEO WCS Getter 1.1.0

The module retrieves geospatial data from specified WCS Server (Version 1.1.0) or newer

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 WCS URL address (url of WCS server GetCoverage operation, default "http://keo302.acs:8080/geoserver/wcs")
  • Inlet 2 version number (Request version: must be older then 1.0.0., default "1.1.0")
  • Inlet 3 identifier name (Unique identifier of an available coverage)
  • Inlet 4 service name (Service name, default “WCS.")
  • Inlet 5 BBOX LL LAT value (Bounding box corners (lower left latitude) in CRS units, default “Double.valueOf(-90.0).toString()”)
  • Inlet 6 BBOX LL LON value (Bounding box corners (lower left longitude) in CRS units, default “Double.valueOf(-180.0).toString()”)
  • Inlet 7 BBOX UR LAT value (Bounding box corners (upper right latitude) in CRS units, default “Double.valueOf(90.0).toString()”)
  • Inlet 8 BBOX UR LON value (Bounding box corners (upper right longitude) in CRS units, default “Double.valueOf(180.0).toString()”)
  • Inlet 9 coordinate reference system (URI of the Coordinate reference system.
  • Ex: urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG4326, default "urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG26713")
  • Inlet 10 format value (Requested output format of Coverage. Shall be one of those listed in the description of the selected coverage, default "image/tiff")
  • Inlet 11 output filename (Output filename, default "$$dir$$/$$uid$$_geospatial")
  • Inlet 12 optional parameters (List of optional parameters string to append at the end of URL request separated by '&'
    Ex: '&TimeSequence=2006-08-01/2006-09-01/P1D&GridBaseCRS=urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:6.6:32618), default “null”
  • Output 1 output data (The result geospatial data)

$$dir$$ = At runtime is replaced by the working dir
$$uid$$ = At runtime is replaced by a unique identifier

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