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KEO WCS Capabilities Getter

The KEO KUFFIA WCS Capabilities Getter module execute a 'GetCapabilities' request to specified Web Capabilities Server (WCS).

The GetCapabilities operation is a request to a WCS server for a list of what operations and services (“capabilities”) are being offered by that server.A typical GetCapabilities request would look like this:
Here there are three parameters being passed to our WCS server, service=wcs, AcceptVersions=1.1.0, and request=GetCapabilities.
The service key tells the WCS server that a WCS request is forthcoming.
The AcceptsVersion key refers to which version of WCS is being requested.
The request key is where the actual GetCapabilities operation is specified.

The KEO KUFFIA WCS Capabilities Getter acts as a wrapper of the tipical GetCapabilities request, providing a way to perform the operation with some input values (the inlets defined in the java module) and getting out the result in a xml output file.
Looking at the previous three parameters, the service key and the request key are incapsulated into the KEO KUFFIA WCS Capabilities Getter; the parameters that must be passed to the KEO KUFFIA WCS Capabilities Getter are:
The http URL input where the WCS server is running.
The AcceptsVersion input
The output filename input  (xml format) where the request's result will be written by the KUFFIA module.

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