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KEO Product Ingestion

The module ingests the given product into an existing collection.

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 collection (The name of the existing collection where the given product must be ingested into)
  • Inlet 2 input product URL (The URL address of the product file to be ingested. The product must be in format handled by the existing collection)
  • Input 3 KARISMA URL (The URL of the KARISMA server to be used, default "http://applications.keo-karisma:80/")
  • Outlet 1 output product URL (The URL of the product file to be ingested (same as input))

Beyond the common errors conditions (product file not existent, empty collection name, …), the module will fail if:

  1. the product file is not in the format handled by the given collection;
  2. the given collection name is not referring an existing collection in the system.

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